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Anadolu Boru Profil Nakliye Sanayi Ticaret Limitet Şirketi;

Our company, which was founded and started production in 1998, has come to a respectable position during the years by steadily increasing its market share of welded steel pipe, steel profile and steel plate production.

Anadolu Boru, located at 25th km of Ankara Freeway, Kayseri, has a manufacturing facility of total 30.000 sqm, 10.000 sqm of which being indoors and 20.000 sqm outdoors. This facility has the capacity of 70.000 tons/year and it has a wide product range including specially shaped oval, elliptic and D-profiles, industrial pipes ranging between 10mm to 63.5mm in diameter, square profiles from 10x10mm to 50x50mm, and rectangular profiles from 10x20mm to 40x60mm.

Various sectors and industries; such as furniture, automotive, home appliances, metal appliances, agriculture and construction; are being served by the steel pipe, profile and plates manufactured in our Pipe-Profile factory.

Anadolu Boru, manufacturing according to TSE quality standards, has come forward and became a preferred company because of its quality. Products are manufactured in accordance with internationally accepted TSE EN 10305-3 and TSE EN 10305-5 quality standards as well as other TSE, Worker’s Health and Work Safety regulations.

Our Mission

Offering products and services conform  with high quality standards in order to obtain highest levels of company reliability, customer satisfaction, product quality and being customer centered.

• Expanding the product portfolio on yearly basis following the customers’ and the market’s needs and demands.

• Raising the bar in our field, keeping to be a domestically and internationally preferred, respected, most importantly trusted company.

• Leaving a more livable world to the next generations by fulfilling our responsibilities to the nature.

• Satisfying our employees in every aspect.

Our Vision

We envision to be a company and brand
-    preferred for its quality,
-    known internationally as well as domestically,
-    preferred for being a customer and principle centered as well as competitive,
-    growing healthily and increasing its competitiveness by manufacturing according to the  sector’s

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